May 18, 2016

If you were one of the people in the know last week you may have been among the hundreds who experienced MOMIX’s Opus Cactus at The Prince Theater on Chestnut St. After a ten-year rest period, MOMIX is reintroducing the brilliantly crafted artistry to the public. In fact, Philly’s own Brian Saunders was one of the original dancers.

Hosted by Dance Affiliates, Philadelphia is fortunate to have a ten day booking at the Prince Theatre of this stunning piece of flowing, rhythmic art that mysteriously unfolds while drawing upon the dynamic images afforded by the landscape of the American Southwest.

Known internationally for their exceptional inventiveness and sculpture-like movement, MOMIX is a company of dancer-illusionists led by director Moses Pendleton, who has used his genius and talent over the past 40 years to deliver some of the most innovative and provocative choreography in his scene. Offering an experience outside the commonly known world of dance, MOMIX takes its audience into the domain of moving sculpture and includes light, shadow, costumes, props, and the human body to create powerful visual expressions. After thirty-five years, MOMIX continues to fascinate and mystify its audiences decade after decade, with a goal of having us “sit back, enjoy the magic, and take in the optical confusion.”

If you missed the first round of Opus Cactus this past weekend, it’s not too late to be stunned and satisfied: MOMIX returns Wednesday through Sunday, May 18th through the 22nd at The Prince Theatre before continuing their tour to other cities both stateside and abroad.

Tickets are available here or by visiting their website.

Michael Garden

Michael Garden


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